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  • Hi Queens

    I'm posting this just before the Festival is over and thought it could be a good space for us to tell our Team Queen Hosts just how fabulous today was! 

    The schedule was incredible, the chats were amazing and the craic was 90! A massive congratulations to our Queen Maeve for hosting all of this and creating a community where we are basically a massive group of strangers that somehow feel like friends! I have had the best day and no doubt you all feel the same 😊

    And of course a huge well done and thanks to those that worked behind the scenes of Team Queen! With 100% of this being virtual there are a million things that could have gone wrong but it went without a hitch! Special mention to himself in particular who was playing DJ and absolutely KILLED us with his wedding music prank 😂

    Can't wait until the world is right and we can do this in person! But until then, CAN WE GET ANOTHER ONE OF THESE ASAP? Lol! 

    Sending you all so much love ❤️ 

  • Omg yes Beth! Having thee best time, all the craic, all the emotions! Thank you so so much Maeve and all the trainers, speakers, all the Queens for having the chats! Love you all! And remember, stand up straight, keep that head high so the crown doesn't fall off! x

  • Oh @Beth Haughian LOVED it, I didnt think I'd be on for the whole day but I just couldnt turn the zoom off!

    Went on a walk and had my earphones in listening to the talks, such a beautiful way to spend a Sunday.

    Massive well done to Maeve and everyone invloved to make this happen. Cannot wait until we can have another festival IN PERSON 😍

    Lots of Love ❤️

  • What a lovely though @Beth Haughian ! A HUGE HUGE thankyou to Maeve & everybody. Had such a lovely wholesome day & feel really good and semi emotional after the queen chats. What a wonderful community we have here :)

    Thank you so so much Maeve, you're such a positive light in the negative sh*te we're consuming daily between tv & radio! - and all you Queens too!!

  • Amazing day!! Thanks so much to all of the QDQ team for organising xxx 

  • Completely agree Beth. 

    Its been a tough time at the moment, but having this to look forward to was amazing and then the actual day itself was perfect. You can see how much time and effort went into this and it is so appriciated. I have laughed and cried today - all the emotions 😄 but having such a supportive community of girls throughout the day to have the chats with has been great.

    All the people that came on today were so insightful and brilliant to listen to, not to mention everything that went on behind the scenes to get today off the ground that we didn't see. Thank you so much! 

    I can't wait to do one of these in person and meet you all - it will be epic! 😂

    Lots of love ❤️

  • It has been EPIC!!! ❤️ Thank you so much to all of team QDQ and of course our fearless Queen, Maeve for putting together such a brilliant day. Can't tell you just how much I needed it 💞 Def emosh over here! Xx

  • Amazing day it was beautiful and it was fabulous my queens and maeve thankyou 

  • Beth, nailing it on the head!! Absolutely brilliant day, have not left my living room and the craic has been great!!

    Brilliant line up of guests (product recommendation lists needed!!!!) and the workouts were fire! Definitely didn't take it easy just because we were on all day!!

    So well done and I second doing this again ASAP! 

    Comicon style when we can get together in person again?? I will start saving now for all the merch!!

    Thank you so much to everyone and thank you for the positivity this comminity brings, it's something else! xx

  • Such a fabulous day 🤗 What a nice escape from lockdown. Well done Maeve and Team ❤

  • This is a fab idea@Beth Haughian! Honestly today has been totally amazing and outdid all of my expectations!! I'm so sad it's coming to an end but can't wait for more in the future and hopefully in real life ones once COVID is over! 
    Thank you so much to all at QDQ and all the gorgeous people that are a part of this amazing community! Feeling blessed 💕💕💕💕

  • What an amazing day filled with amazing people not only everyone who organised this event but all involved and all us women. Coming together at such wierd times, I couldn't always keep up with the comments but my gosh I got a laugh you lot are hilarious! 

    defniley won't be able to walk tomorrow but so worth it! 

    Look forward to another festival!


    Massive thank you again what an fab day and night! 
    Everyone stay positive and true to who you are! Don't let anyone bring you or your shine down! YOU GOT THIS! ❤️

  • The wedding song prank!!!! So many highlights, I'm in awe of Maeve and himself and all background team for pulling this together, and it worked perfectly! It was the perfect mix of different classes and talks, and the chats were off the charts! So educational, entertaining, heart-warming, loved every second of it!!! 

    Thank you to absolutely everyone who gave their time to us today, so so appreciative. A really fitting way to celebrate coming to the end of the challenge, and coming up on the year anniversary of QDQ. All our lives have been enriched by all of this, and our community of amazing warrior ladies on here!!!!! 

  • Just the best day, uplifting, motivating and lockdown was a distant memory in Dublin. Thanks@Maeve Madden and her wonderful team. To the queens online today just the best!! 😍

  • Such an amazing day. Thanks so much to Maeve and all the QDQ team for organizing. The workouts, the chats, the music have all been amazing. It's been such a fun day and I enjoyed every second of. 
    Thanks so much xxx 

  • Omg what an amazing day! I've loved all of it and I've watched/joined in with it all (which tbh I didn't expect to do). But the whole team at QDQ have made such a special day and I feel so proud and privileged to have been able to take part in it. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone involved and to the whole QDQ team, I love you all. Positivity all the way! Maeve you have changed so many lives with the QDQ community and today you have brightened so many too! 🥰

    Now time for the final HIIT party of the day... Let's go girls! 👸🏼🔥🌶 xx


  • What an absolutely fabulous day! We laughed we cried we had serious peach burns! QDQ team couldn't have done a better job and I really appreciate all the time and effort put in behind the scenes as well as in the screens 😉( had a little rhyming moment lol). Didn't know how much I needed a me day and this just hit it out of the park! Thank you so much to all the trainers and people who came in to talk and above all else our queen@Maeve Madden and you queens! Our little community is a safe haven full of the most lovely queens💜💜

  • thank you for saying this Beth! I would like to echo this with a huge THANK YOU. Thank you maeve for thinking of us and what we would enjoy and may I say you have hit the nail on the head. All the trainers and guests were great and I managed to do every class (except the dance one) !! but i never thought in a million years I would have it in me. The space you have created for us queens is one of support and joy and I LOVE IT !! the effort that everyone puts into these events, both hosting and taking part is huge and im so proud of everyone ! sending so much love and wishing everyone a lovely hot shower and sunday roast haha ! now, LETS SMASH HIIT PARTY ! 

  • Oh my goodness YES thank you so much, Maeve and everyone else, for working so hard to bring this to life! I missed the first handful of sessions because of time difference but very excited to go back later to catch up!! The chat with Alex was wonderful and important and all of the classes have been a blast so far! Thank you thank you to this group of people for such a safe place to lean on!

  • Thanks so much for an amazing day everyone! I don't really get the luxury of making the live classes due to my work schedule and usually work from the library of classes. Today was fabulous, inspiring and empowering!

    Was so lovely seeing everyone supporting each other in the chat. What a great platform to be a part of! Hoping to start making it to a few more lives as it was so motivating 💁🏻‍♀️

    Thank you so much to everyone for such a well planned day from the comfort of our own homes  🥰



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