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Gymshark Sale??!! | MaeveMadden

Gymshark Sale??!!

  • Anyone buying?! Had a quick look there,wanted to get shorts and a new sports bra but nothing very exciting jumping out at me. Have a couple of things in the basket and pondering whether to buy.

    How about everyone else, purchased anything yet?

  • @Ashley Jordan I had a few things in my basket but don't really need much more gym gear so closed the tab, can't be affording it at the minute 😅 I'm a sucker for a sale but don't want to be buying stuff just got the sake of it! You should treat yourself queen 👑

  • @Niamh Byrne Oh I know Niamh, I cant afford to be buying anything else either! 😄 Im like, "I'll wait another hour and see how I feel then.." The temptation to buy is bad though, lol!

  • I've had a list saved in the notes in my phone for a week in the prep for it!!! I've been so busy this evening I didn't even get on and now that I've had a look I'm buying nothing 😂 My wardrobes are coming down with gym clothes I really don't need anymore so I resisted!! Lol 

  • @Beth Haughian Good on you for fighting the temptation!! I just unloaded half the cart there and ended up buying only a pair of shorts and a sports bra in the end 😂 Not sure how the shorts will be, very tight looking 😬 I have visions of myself looking like a sausage roll 😂

  • @Ashley Jordan sausage roll that made me giggle 😂 Lol I've seen you on the stories Queen you'll have nothing to worry about!!! 😍😍🔥🔥

  • @Beth Haughian 😂😂😂 I'm actually laughing at myself because I know already I've made a big mistake! The backs of my legs are pretty bumpy,they rarely make it up on to the gram! That's the best bit about home workouts though,no one will see me so it really doesn't matter! 🌭🐖😂

  • I was tempted to buy a few bits, wanted to order 2 pairs of shorts, by the time I was checking out my basket was sold out 😂😂 so no order for me this time. My bank account is happy though 😅

  • @Jia Moriarty I left it a while and when I went to the checkout the few bits I had in the basket were still there so I said it must be a sign!😂 Definitely could have lived without them but sure, feck it, treat yourself!😄

  • @Ashley Jordan Aw the temptation is crazy, I don't even really need anything but with the warm weather the shorts section has been calling my name lol!

  • @Ashley Jordan I think Dave bought me stuff for my birthday just before the sale. He was only delighted when I told him there was one on 😂 so provided the same isn't over u bet I'll be spending all my pennies on new sportswear I nedd everything immediately lol

  • @Jamie-Lee Quinn Dave sounds like the right man to have! 😂 Does he have any brothers by any chance??!😂

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