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New Challenge | MaeveMadden

New Challenge

  • Morning Queens.  Got my workout in super early today because I have a busy one ahead.  The library is like the gift that keeps on giving!  I did Sexy Shoulders from last week.  THis new challenge @Maeve Madden  for ten days that you mentioned with two workouts a day sounds brilliant for a change of focus and to set a new standard and step up as Tony Robbins says!   Cool.  Also really love the idea of a 15 minute abs workout even if we have a few in the library as some days I would love to add a bit of an extra abs onto my workout.


    Have an outstanding day ladies xxxx

  • Sounds like a great challenge,I totally agree. I think we would push ourselves more when we know its only a few weeks, thats how I feel about the shorter workouts, I push myself harder because in my head its not going to go on for ages!

    Talking about the library, i was going to wait and do Lilys live at 9.30 but I hate waiting around so think I will do circuits from last night instead and do Lilys class tomorrow maybe. 

  • Oh love the idea of this! I have been MIA from lives for the past week but last exam is tomorrow and i can't wait to get back to it. I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and sleep patterns over the past ten days not working out. Have felt so sluggish and not sleeping properly. Its only when you stop for a little bit you realise the amazing impacts! Love the idea of this challenge to kick start me again!! 

  • oh I am super excited that everyone is keen on the 10 day challenge I cant wait to put it together woop

  • @Maeve Madden love the sound of this, thanks 👑 

  • Hadn't heard of this..... love sound of it for a change!

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