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WEEK 12. | MaeveMadden

WEEK 12.

  • QUEENS ,


    Can you believe we are in the final week of the Challenge, because I cant.. 


    I have loved every single class, the laughs, the strengh gained, the meltdowns, the hormones, the new jobs, the house moves, the coming out of lockdown, all which we have experienced togteher.  


    I think this challenge really improved my over all strenght and stamina.. I noticed esp adding the fire ball friday class that made a huge difference ..  

    I am so proud of every queen here and your amazing achievements daily.. 


    What have you enjoyed the most 


    Love MM

  • My legs are on fire after fireball but so looking forward to sculpt & sweat. Hope move is going well xx

  • @Maeve Madden A big well done to all the queens and a massive thank you to Maeve and all the queen trainers, its been an amazing challenge 👑

    It has been nice to go through the experience of getting out of lockdown together!

    I most enjoyed Fireball Fridays and Booty Band with Fran! And enjoyed getting to know more of you queens and supporting each other 😊 Added bonus of seeing progress in my strength too!


  • It's been an amazing challenge, really looking forward to the next one. Haven't gone back to classes in the gym , here in the sitting room with QDQ Happy out!! X 

  • Please keep the fireball friday classes!, they are AMAZING!!!

  • I have loved this challenge and I have seen myself change so much - mentally and physically. But there is no way we could have as much fun without you @Maeve Madden 💕

    i also couldn’t have got through this without my group of queens! We have the best insta group messaging everyday - helping each other through tough times but also making each other spend far too much money!

    Special shout-out to @Ruth James who has been my rock! Matching outfits and working out together has been amazing! Can’t believe we’ve never met but I talk to you more than my friends! Love you! 

    This is turning into an essay now! Thank you all of you, it’s been a blast xxx

  • 'Ive said it before and I'll say it again, QDQ was the best thing to come out of the last year!!! It has changed my outlook towards exercise completely and I now genuinely enjoy it. Plus the added benefit of looking fitter aswell has really boosted my confidence and mindset.  Such a great community you have created Maeve and all the trainers, all the Queens are so supportive and I have such love and respect for people who I have never even met in person. You should be so proud of what you have done Maeve, honestly, and do not for one second more let those trolls make you doubt your worth because you are simply amazing! ❤️

    Week 12, Monday completed!! Woohoo Lets go girls, we got this! X

    ps, thank you again for my nike voucher I am absolutely delighted!  Made my day! X

  • @Maeve Madden best challenge yet. Loved every minute of it, from start to finish. I'm loving the variety of classes u've added. Love our new trainers. U all push us, u all seem to know that we have a lot more to give & u get it out of us. As an OG Queen I am so proud to have been on & shared my journey with u all. I'm also so proud of my transformation, not just physical but mentally too. I cld not have done it without QDQ & my friends on here. I am in awe of all our Queens transformations, each & everyone of them are killing it. I have made so many friends on here, I've received so many beautiful messages from the queen's, which make me cry everytime. Loving QDQ so much. Keep doing what u are doing Maeve & thank u. #queensdontquit #queensdontrest #queenssupportingqueens 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️

  • Feeling amazing. Loving all of the strength classes. My three month membership is about to run out. Do I have to cancel that one to switch to the year, since it automatically renews?@Maeve Madden  best decision to join QDQ. Loving how much stronger I feel and the extra energy I have! ❤️❤️

  • Joined QDQ first week of the challenge. Now happily doing classes 6-7 days per week and have lost 9kg. Love the flexibility of the lives or library and can arrange my schedule now to get extra classes in before work, where as before could only manage 2 per week in the studio because of so many other commitments.

  • This challenge has done wonders for my head, sleep, brain and ultimately my motivation. I started the challenge doing 3 maybe 4 a week by week 6 I was doing 10 then 12. I love everything. I am shocked at my own strength now and the baby abs popping after every workout. 

    You and the fabulous trainers have worked your magic on all of us Queens. I've been doing the workouts since April 2020, signed up to the website on day 1 in august but this was the first time I properly gave it my all during a challenge and I've loved every minute of it sweat and tears and all. 

    The community of Queens you have built is unreal. I haven't met any of the queens in person but my god when the day comes I cannot wait a huge QDQ festival! Could you imagine!!


    thank you x

  • @Jamie-Lee Quinn it would be the fittest festival around!! Imagine the craic! 

  • @Maeve Madden thank you so much dir bringing me through all my meltdowns, my bad days and unmotivated days. Your positivity, your Energy and your funny Videos and Chats Made lockdown so mich better. The Queens don't Quit Community means so much and it is Just the most wonderful Lifestyle! Just Spice and Love to all the Queens and the Queen of us all 💕👑

  • @Maeve Madden Fireball Friday is one of my favs! Love it. Thanks for everything. I started on day 1 of the challenge after having a baby and I've absolutely loved it. Got me right back to myself and I can see the physical difference also 💪🏼💪🏼 Can't believe Ive lasted 12 weeks and that's thanks to all of the trainers! ☺️

  • Love fireball and all the strength classes! But also love the hiit and other trainers! Spoilt for choice. I lost 10lb on the January challenge, I have kept this off and have definitely noticed getting more toned and stronger! upped weights and intensity.

    Had a family wedding at the weekend and felt a lot more confident In myself. Can't wait for the next challenge already! 

  • It's been a fantastic challenge, you and the other trainers have pushed us every step of the way turning the intensity up week on week and I have LOVED it! I feel so so strong and I'm finally getting to the full push ups without face planting on the floor lol! Can't wait for the next challenge already, my confidence has just shot up since starting this challenge and I even bought my first ever bikini recently (haven't gotten to wear it yet but I am no longer afraid of not having a "beach body" whatever that means!!). I'm so proud of all the queens, we have gotten so so strong! 

  • Had such a fun time doing this challenge! Really focused on the strength classes and notice my body getting stronger ❤️ Can't wait for what more is to come x

  • Love the classes Maeve.  New to Queens for past month.  Its great to motivate me.  Looking forward to the next challenge.  I will have to try and make a live class so I can chat too. 😜

  • QDQ was the best thing to come out of the whole pandemic. I'm so glad I signed up, not just for the benefits of the workouts but for me it has been about the queen community. I've been by myself in all the lockdowns so to have the community of absolute wonderful queens has been such a blessing. 

    I loved all the classes, like every class I would say "No, this one is my fav"!! The verity of classes and the intensity leading up to week 12 have been epic... it's been a trip!!

    Well done to the queens, so proud of everyone who did this challenge. Thank you so much to all the queen trainers, they are all amazing! @Maeve Madden you're such a superstar for creating this positive platform, so grateful. 

  • I agree with ye all!!! I have LOVED this challenge! I started doing maeves lives last may whilst cocooning, then joined the website when that went live, I fell off the wagon a little bit but since January I have absolutely stuck with it religiously and this challenge has just been amazing! Love feeling the changes and seeing them and also I've just built it into my lifestyle! I love the community here, the support, encouragement and the reality!!!! So so grateful to have QDQ! 💞

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