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Most cost-effective multi-vitamins? | MaeveMadden

Most cost-effective multi-vitamins?

  • Hi Queens, I'm currently taking a multivitamin (Equi) and while I did notice a good change, especially hormonally, it's quite pricey at £50 a month, or 45ish with subscription. I've just bought a house and having to furnish it from top to bottom as we've reloacted back to Ireland from Aus. All my subscriptions were grand when we were living in my Mum and Dad's but now I'm like, I'm spenidng WHAT?! Anyway, long way of asking, is there any multi-vitamins you are taking that help with energy, hormone balance and sleep (the holy grail) that aren't quite such a monthly investment? Has anyone taken We are Feel? And if so, any feedback as the price point for that much friendler when I still have so much house stuff to buy lol? Thanks Queens! 

  • Hi Queen! 

    I love Terranova Full Spectrum as a Multi Vitamin. It's about €35 for 100 and you can take one or two a day! I take one for maintenance and two on the days I feel a little run down!

    Have you tried magnesium if sleep is one of your main concerns? It's great for helping sleep quality and can help with mood and muscle aches! Mag365 is good quality and not expensive!x. 

  • @Sinead Corcoran Awe thanks so much Sinead that's great, I must look up. I take 5-HTP for sleep separately which does seem to work, albeit sometimes better than others, it has valerian and magensium in it I think, but would love an all round vitamin that does it all (don't we all, ha). Thanks so much, loving your Barre classes by the way! xx

  • @Nat Swanson Would also be interested to see some of the replies to this aswell. I was taking Lamberts Maxi Hair for hair growth (obvs!😅) but I also think it was a good all rounder multivitamin too. I got it online from the same place I get my hair products Trua Hair but they were only about 18euro for 60 tablets so two month supply. I have also used Grow it from Annutri which are more natural but more expensive also at 30euro. I think I noticed more a difference with Annutri in my hair and nails but like that found it a bit too expensive seen as I wasnt working. I know these are hair vitamins but said I would mention it anyways if it was something you were interested in. X

  • @Ashley Jordan Thanks Ashley that's great. I'm taking Perfectil for my hair vitamins also and I have to say, although it's £24 a month roughly (Boots) I've noticed an incredible difference in my hair. My hairdresser can't actually believe it himself. I suffered two rounds of post partum hair loss since my son was born, the most recent was only a year ago when he was two! I've been taking perfectil for about three months now and although I'll never have a mane of hair, I can't get over how thick it's gotten compared to what it was. It's just with that cost of £24, the cost of 5-HTP which is about £15 a month then the Equi at £45 I was like, oh man I have to find a more cost effective vitamin haha! Best of luck xx

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